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Benchmark your salary with Emolument


Emolument is a salary analysis and comparison tool, created in 2012 by Thomas Drewry, Olivier Beau de Loménie and Alice Leguay. It enables users to compare their salaries to those of other Emolument users, so it is very useful when negotiating a payrise or evaluating a job offer. More than 150,000 professionals have already shared their data. So, are you paid enough? 

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AssessFirst offers simple and practical evaluation tools, enabling you to recruit better and to support the development of your staff more efficiently.  AssessFirst brings innovative and effective solutions to various issues linked with the recruitment, induction and retention of talent.

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The SOSIE test was created at the start of the 90s and has remained the evaluation tool of choice in the field of Human Resources.  It provides information on a person’s character, values and sources of motivation.  It therefore enables HR professionals to identify possible gaps between the features of the vacancy or the professional environment, and the potential and the motivation of the candidate.